The Splash Project

Cultivating and exploring connection through stories that carry us beyond our waters' edge.
To Splash; a spell of moving about in water energetically// a sound made by something striking or falling into liquid// a striking, ostentatious, or exciting effect or event// a prominent or sensational story…


The interactions of humans with water have a profound impact on our lives and on the earth. Our culture, language and values are shaped by our experiences and connections with this dynamic fluid that surrounds us, gives us life, and helps us create meaning from the beginning to end of every life cycle. Understanding this diverse relationship, we believe has the power to transform our connections with ourselves, with each other and with the natural world


Merging waterbodies’ material substance (H2O) with their complementary effects/affects on all aspects of life, we aim to highlight our senses and perceptions of what it means to “live well together,’ thus inspiring a relational understanding of water bodies and wellbeing. This view emphasizes the influence of our relationship with the (natural) environment and considers wellbeing as a process of ‘interactions among the material, organic, and emotional dynamics of place and our individual and collective experiences within.


We believe that water is not just a vital resource for human livelihood and natural ecosystems,but also the root of our rich and diverse cultures. We explore diverse forms of expression through various storytelling approaches to reveal deeper meanings of water in our daily lives. By sharing our stories, we aim to create an inclusive community that exercises empathy and supports each other in growing as individuals and as a whole on this blue planet.

Our Story

Everything living begins with Water. At the Splash Project, we work in collaboration with the world’s waterbodies and waters’ communities, we strive to improve the well-being of our blue planet, our people, and our non-human life through generating new currents of connections and engagement. We are dedicated to a spirit of co-learning and great humility, encouraging the exercise of artistic and creative expression that can, in turn, enliven our empathy with others and build relations of solidarity with water and beyond perceived limits

Our Mission

We facilitate inclusive and collaborative explorations of the lived (storied) experiences with water beyond measurements of quality and quantity to mobilize and encourage varied conversations with/through/around waterbodies and their communities to restore, reconnect, and protect their lifeways and support wellbeing.

You’re Invited to

Collaborate with us

The Splash Project community embraces diversity, equity and inclusion with a deepunderstanding that we may not all share the same ideology, mindset, values and background.With interest in engaging in meaningful discussions, creations, and debates and a commitmentto share information, we invite individuals, researchers, storytellers, artists, community groups,water managers and policymakers to engage with us.


The Splash Project is a guest where we live, work and splash on the traditional and custodial territory of the Maya, based in the land of T'hó or Ichcaanzihó, "City of Five Hills," a reference to its pyramids. We recognize these guardians' ancestral, cultural and spiritual connections to water and land and acknowledge their sovereignty. We firmly commit to causing no further harm or violence. A spirit of generosity and humility guides us, and we are committed to protecting cultural and lifeways activities